The Weekend Race Guide – May 4-7

Lonnie Wheatley, BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (May 4, 2023) – The first weekend of May brings about an abundance of Sprint Car and Midget racing action all across the land as well as Silver Crown for the first time of the year.

The weekend gets off to an early start with All Stars at Atomic tonight (Thursday), leading into Eldora’s #LetsRaceTwo event featuring twinbills of World of Outlaws and USAC Sprint Cars on both Friday and Saturday.

Posseland gets its final tuneup weekend before the Outlaws invade next weekend while a wide variety of 360 and wingless action dots the weekend.

Midgets get back up to speed with Xtreme and POWRi hosting weekend doubles in neighboring states of Kansas and Missouri.

The weekend rounds out with the rescheduled USAC Silver Crown Sumar Classic on Sunday.

Be sure to support your local track or it may even be a good time for a roadtrip.

Either way, check with the track via social media or the old-fashioned phone before making the trek to make sure that all things are still a go.

Winged 410
5/4/23Atomic SpeedwayAll Stars
5/5/23Eldora SpeedwayWoO
5/5/23Jacksonville SpeedwayMOWA
5/5/23Lernerville SpeedwayLocal
5/5/23Silver Dollar SpeedwayLocal
5/5/23Williams Grove SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Atomic SpeedwayOVSCA
5/6/23Butler Motor SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Eldora SpeedwayWoO
5/6/23Fremont SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Highland SpeedwayMOWA
5/6/23Knoxville RacewayLocal
5/6/23Lincoln SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Michael's Mercer RacewayLocal
5/6/23Port Royal SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Rocket Raceway ParkElite Open
5/6/23Silver Dollar SpeedwayNARC
5/6/23Skagit SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23St. Francois County RacewayLocal
5/6/23Wilmot RacewayLocal
5/7/23Tri-City Raceway ParkLocal
5/5/23Bloomington SpeedwayLocal
5/5/23Circle City RacewayLocal SB
5/5/23Eldora SpeedwayUSAC
5/5/23Hilltop SpeedwayBOSS
5/5/23Humboldt SpeedwayMWRA
5/5/23Sweet Springs Motorsports ComplexWAR
5/6/2381 SpeedwayMWRA
5/6/23Eldora SpeedwayUSAC
5/6/23Lawrenceburg SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Lincoln Park SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Lucas Oil SpeedwayWAR
5/6/23Mohave Valley RacewayUSAC/CRA
5/6/23Paragon SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Wayne County SpeedwayBOSS
5/6/23Central Arizona RacewayASCS AZNW
5/6/23Sandia SpeedwayNMMRA
Winged 360
5/5/23Black Hills SpeedwayLocal
5/5/23Douglas County Dirt TrackLocal
5/5/23Limaland Motorsports ParkGLSS/NRA
5/5/23Ocean SpeedwayLocal
5/5/23Williams Grove SpeedwayLocal 358
5/6/23Cottage Grove SpeedwayLocal
5/6/23Fonda SpeedwayESS
5/6/23Grays Harbor RacewayLocal
5/6/23Greenville SpeedwayASCS MS
5/6/23Hendry County Motorsports ParkTop Gun
5/6/23Knoxville RacewayLocal
5/6/23Lincoln SpeedwayLocal 358
5/6/23Lucas Oil SpeedwayASCS Sooner/Warrior
5/6/23Marysville RacewayLocal
5/6/23Placerville SpeedwayLocal
5/7/23Double X SpeedwayLocal
5/5/23Humboldt SpeedwayXtreme
5/5/23Sweet Springs Motorsports ComplexPOWRi
5/6/2381 SpeedwayXtreme
5/6/23Lucas Oil SpeedwayPOWRi
5/6/23Placerville SpeedwayUSAC WS
Silver Crown
5/7/23Terre Haute Action TrackUSAC Silver Crown

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