Terre Haute Wall Crash Test

Among the new improvements added by the new promotional group at the Terre Haute Action Track is a new white wall surrounding both ends of the 1/2-mile clay oval.

And the new wall was put to the test in short order when Chris Fetter went for a wild ride in turns three and four just four laps into the Sunday night’s USAC Silver Crown “Sumar Classic” Qualifying Race.

While the impact into the wall damaged it to the extent that Robert Ballou and the track crew spent nearly half an hour to re-secure it, the wall did its job as it kept Fetter in the track rather than sailing out of the park and likely landing in the vicinity of the USAC trailer. And better yet, Fetter walked away from the nasty tumble with little more than a cut knee that required stitches and a pair of broken ribs.

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